Cargo Lodz Airport

Cargo Lodz Airport

CARGO LODZ AIRPORT has been operating since 2012. Our goal is to create appropriate opportunities in the Łódź region for the functioning and development of innovative logistics services related to air and road transport of goods.

You can find us in the very centre of Poland near the motorways: A1 (E30), A2 (E75) and S8 express way (E67, E40). Our location allows fast transport between LCJ and major hubs in Europe (FRA, TXL, LEJ, DUS, AMS, LUX, LGG, CDG, PRG, VIE, BUD). Access to the airport by GPS coordinates, the main car park is located at:
51°43′38.974″ N 19°24′16.448″ E.

We are a handling agent fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authority. We also have the status of a registered agent PL / RA / 00008-01. The basic scope of LCJ CARGO's activity is air shipment service. In addition, our employees have full authority to handle DGR shipments. All these factors make LCJ CARGO unit a comprehensive service for air shipments.

Airport details

We have a runway with dimensions of 2500 m x 45 m, which allows you to accept B757F / A310F planes. The airport is equipped with ILS category 1, which enables landing in bad weather conditions. We have fully trained staff and the necessary handling equipment:

  • Storage space 1100 m² with the possibility of extension to 1500 m²
  • CCTV System
  • X-Ray with dimensions 180x154 cm
  • Highloader Airmarell LAM 7000 DP / MDL9
  • 10 stations for building ULDs
  • Forklift with a capacity of up to 12,000 kg
  • Mobile ramp
  • The possibility of scanning the whole europallet

We are open from Monday to Saturday, practically around the clock. There is also a Customs Office at the Lodz Airport which deals with export clearance 24/7 , even if departure is from another EU airport.

You can direct orders to the following email address:
We kindly ask to include in your freight service order:

  1. In the subject of the message:
    • exporter's name
    • expected number of pieces and kg
    • weather you already have a booking from an airline, please also include your AWB number
  2. In the message, we will ask as much information as possible about the shipment:
    • name of driver delivering goods
    • car registration number
    • expected delivery date to LCJ
    • destination
    • expected date of departure from LCJ
    • anticipated type of goods and packaging (this information will help us assess the possibility of security checks and their duration)
    • predicted dimensions

After entering the goods to LCJ, you will receive an entry notification with an added ID of the shipment, please continue to correspond on the basis of responding to the previous @ so that the assigned ID number was always in the subject of the message.

If you did not have a booking or AWB number when notifying a shipment to LCJ, please add it to the subject of the message as soon as you receive it from the airline or GSA agent.

Car unloading hours: 08:15- 11:30, 14-00 -17:00 and from 23:00 to 04:00.

You can track your goods through:


Marcin Strzelecki
Cargo Department Manager
+48 603 117 092

Monika Kwiatkowska
Head of Cargo Office Section
phone: +48 661 170 900

Janusz Wojtasik
Head of Cargo Warehouse Section
phone: +48 601 183 499

phone: +48 785 650 442

Number available for drivers:
phone: +48 605 781 112